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Race Course:
Somerset - Pembroke

The race starts at the junction of Cambridge Road and Somerset Road, Sandy’s. 

  • Proceed along Somerset Road, Middle Road to Burnt House Hill, Warwick.

  • Proceed up Burnt House Hill, along Harbour Road, The Lane, Crow Lane, East Broadway, and Front Street to Queen Street.

  • Proceed up Queen Street turning right onto Church Street to Cedar Ave.

  • Turn left at Cedar Ave. and proceed to Marsh Folly Road.

  •  Turn right at Marsh Folly Road and proceed pass Dutton Avenue to the turn-a-round point on Marsh Folly Road and back to Dutton Avenue.

  • Turn left at Dutton Avenue and proceed to North Street.

  • Turn right at North Street to Angle Street.

  • Turn left at the roundabout onto Angle Street to Court Street.

  • Turn right onto Court Street and follow the directions to the Finish Line. (See Over for map)


Relay Exchange

  • Leg 1 Cambridge Road, Main Road Somerset, Middle Road Southampton  (Approx. 4.75 miles)

  • Leg 2 Between mile 4 & 5, Southampton Post Office, Southampton (Approx. 3 miles)

  • Leg 3 Between mile 7 & 8, Harbour Road, Tamarind Vale, Warwick (Approx. 2.25 miles) 2-Person relay change over

  • Leg 4 Mile 10, Red Hole, Lovers Lane, Harbour Road, Paget (Approx. 3.25 miles)

  • FINISH Court Street, Pembroke

There will be a Derby Relay sign at the start of each leg.


Refreshment/ Water Stations

There are 9 official refreshment stations on the course. They will provide fresh water and a sports drink for all participants. 


Note: The use of unofficial water stations is at your own risk. There will be no energy gels on the course this year. Runners are encouraged to bring their own. 


1. Approx 2.75 miles Bus Stop at Dalton E. Tucker School
2. Approx 4.50 miles Barnes Corner
3. Approx 5.50 miles Bus Stop at Jews Bay Wharf
4. Approx 6.50 miles Raynor’s Rubis Service Station
5. Approx 7.50 miles Just pass Longford Hill  
6. Approx 8.50 miles at Newstead
7. Approx 10.50 miles at Aberfeldy Nurseries
8. Approx 11.50 miles at The Bermuda Library, Queen Street
9. Approx 12.50 miles at Marsh Folly Road & Dutton Ave


Refreshments will be provided at the finish line.

Join us at the finish line zone for the prize presentation beginning at 10:30am.


**A commemorative medal will be awarded to finishers. **

Giving YOU a reason to RUN!


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